Coastal defenses


Precast units for coastal defenses, retaining walls and slope reinforcements

Argentine Patent N° 318149

Imported gabions and mattresses – Macaferri’s or a similar brand – made from galvanized steel wire are generally used to this end. They are traditionally filled with stones or rocks on the job site, which means that rocks have to be transported hundreds of kilometers, and laid by hand one by one.

Since 1994 we have implemented a new system of interlocking hollow units that are fitted together and filled with sand, soil, mud, debris or any other material available on the spot.

This system was used to build a storm water drainage system in the port of Santa Fe city in 2007, a project that was put out to tender by the City Hall (see pictures).

Our system is not only significantly less costly but also ecofriendly, since no quarry equipment or trucks are required.

The same building system and criteria can be used to build xbloc or tetrapod structures that can be filled with sand or any other material available on the spot.

Carlos A. Gschwind is an expert from Argentina with over thirty-six-year-long experience in the study, development and manufacturing of ferrocement products. Ferrocement is currently being widely used to build thousands of boats and pontoons worldwide. In June 2015, Mr. Gschwind was invited to give a lecture at the 11th International Symposium on Ferrocement, held at the University of Aachen in Germany. Before experts from all over the world, he spoke about his over three-decade work building pontoons, swimming pools, culverts and coastal defenses, among other products, out of ferrocement.